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    ADRK ZTP/BST              Allgemeiner Deutscher Rottweiler Klub

Iron Heart Rottweilers Philosophy


We feel its so important to find very good bloodlines to cross. We have taken an extra precaution to ensure that we produce a super looking well balanced dog with super wide head,keenly intelligent that knows when to turn it on..  That is why before we imported our dogs ,we carefully studied their bloodlines and all the dogs in the pedigree back 6 generations to ensure a championship caliber dog is produced. We assured ourselves that the bloodlines we imported and breed have passed the  BST or (breed (suitability test). It helps us filter out weaker dogs from our pedigree and  separates us from the rest.


Breed Suitability Test

Zuchttauglichkeitsprufung  ADRK e.V. in Brief-


The purpose of a ZTP/ breed suitability test is to determine which Rottweilers are suitable for breeding & eliminate those which are not !!!- The ADRK is responsible for tests, but regional of federal state groups or clubs can apply for permission to carry out a test & be authorized by the ADRK to do so.Only a conformation judge who is registered with the ADRK is permitted to conduct a (BST).





The owner of any Rottweiler bred in accordance with the breeding regulations can register his/her dog for a BST providing the dog is at least 18mths old on the day of the event & is not banned from participating in shows or tests.The dog must have passed the (BH) "Companion Dog Test":the certificate is required as part of the registration procedure.In order to enroll for a BST a written application must be completed & sent to the person in charge of the event:in must include: (A)Original Pedigree (B)Original medical cert for the HIPS/ELBOWS issued by an organization recognized by the ADRK. (C)A legible copy of the work record book.This must be complete & include the front & back covers;all test details must be legible i.e. test date & location,test level,rating awarded,name of dog handler,name of trial judge etc. (D)A copy of the owner's current ADRK membership card(if there is more than one owner,copies of all owners' membership cards)&,if applicable, a copy of the dog handler's ADRK membership card.Owners are requested to membership cards on the day,without having to be asked. (E)If a dog is repeating a BST, all original BST reports from previous tests must automatically be submitted.Procedure: BST "Practical"





The practical part of the ZTP (BST) is divided into two parts.The 1st part is aimed at finding out whether the dogs temperament is typical of the breed;only dogs that pass are allowed to continue & participate in the 2nd part.This part of the test is carried out via "VPG" trials & aims to establish how self confident the animal is & observe it's behavior in action.In order to make sure the Rottweiler is still suitable as a service, sporting or family dog. At the beginning of the ZTP, all handlers & their dogs meet in the test arena & the judge explains the importance of this particular test method - it is a tool to preserve & strengthen the performance of the Rottweiler as a breed. The judge explains the spirit & purpose of the tests used to assess temperament & self confidence as well as the dog's behavior when engaged in activities.All the handlers must remain by their dogs in the arena throughout this speech.






First the judge describes the dog's appearance when standing still & when gating.Even at this stage,he is able to recognize 1st character traits.The judge then rounds off his picture by talking to the owner about how the dog is kept, how it was reared & what kind of environmental influences the dog is or has been subjected to. Then the judge determines the exact color of the dog's eyes using a special color chart & describes them in a combination of figures & letters ranging from 1a to 4a. A 4b,5 or 6 would mean the dog is not suitable for breeding. In order for the dog to count as having a full set of teeth, two reports from different ADRK judges must be presented, (issued for example at a show or from a progeny examination) which confirms that no teeth were missing at the time. The dog must have been at least 8mths old at the time of issue.The ruling refers to incisors & canine teeth, molars are exempt from it.






The dog's sensitivity to noise is tested in a quiet environment & also how the dog reacts towards people behaving in a quiet manner.The judge fires two shots at least 5 seconds apart,while the dog is walking towards the group of people.If the dog reacts to the 1st shot, If the dog shows a reaction, it must recover right away, the handler will be instructed by the judge to unleash the dog & make it sit.Only then,can the routine to test the dog's reaction to noise be continued. If the dog startles again,it will be disqualified.Dogs that are over sensitive to noise cannot pass a ZTP.



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