Welcome to Our lovely Family and Our beautiful dogs!

The Queen and her daughters
Fun in the sun
2 of a kind!! Love birds
The King and his Queen!!
Puppy examination time
2 people fell in love!!
Time to play
Moving up day!1
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KoKo Molly daughter of Rex Timit Tor
Adults night out..
Shakira having some fun..
My precious young lady growing up
Maximus V.H Huenink after training!!
Daddy's baby girl
We Love the puppies
My girls
Time to rest..
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Time to Eat!! Come and get it!!!
Mom and Jay bay..
Young breeders in the making
Just loving life...
Super stud Maximus 20 months 150 pounds solid muscle #love #buy #beautiful #love #rottweiler
Guarding everything
Two people fell inlove..
2 of a kind..
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True Beauty
Real Love
King Maximus on patrol
The queen of Iron heart..
Relaxing on the beach Santo Domingo!
Real sister love..
True Beauty part 2..
I'm a grwing boy
Spending time with grandma
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The good times never stop
The big guy wants food!!
Hi Big Man what no gym today..
My Girls!!
Growing up
The girls having fun
Puppy love
Great grandma..
Family comes first..
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I want my ball back..
Hello Beautiful
Spending time in NY City
Grandma Loves the kids
3's Company
Gerald Sr. and his boys
Smile for the camera
In Maryland Love the crabs!!
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The queen of Iron heart..