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             European  Vs  American 

        rottweiler is there a real difference?

                     The European Rottweiler  vs  American Rottweiler


It is common knowledge that the Rottweiler originated in Germany. So why then are there “American Rottweilers” and “Belgium Rottweilers” and “Canadian Rottweilers” etc.? I am often asked what makes a European Rottweiler a European Rottweiler, and an American Rottweiler an American Rottweiler. The answer is kind of simple: Country of birth. Your next question will be “why then such a vast difference in European Rottweilers and American Rottweilers looks?” That answer is also simple:


           Standard The ADRK or Allegemeiner Deutscher Rottweiler- Klub


The standard is the German “equivalent” (and I use that term loosely) of the AKC or American Kennel Club. With the American Kennel Club, you can register and breed any Rottweiler with papers. The ADRK have MUCH higher standards. In Germany, before a Rottweiler is ALLOWED to breed, it must first prove itself in the show ring, and it must be judged on how well it represents the TRUE German Rottweiler in both conformation (physical appearance–head type, heavy bone, well muscled body with good substance) and Temperament (mental soundness--not wavering in courage, highly intelligent and good Nature). This is accomplished by a Breeding Suitability Test. We uphold that same standard


               Breeding Suitability Test ZtP, Kurong, or in Holland, MAG.


 This certification is pertaining to genetic diseases such as hip and elbow dysplasia. Then it must be determined if the Rottweiler to which it is intended to be bred is compatible and whether it will “better the breed”. This is a major difference in the dogs we breed. We do not allow weak dogs into our genetic pool. Belin Von Iron Heart is dedicated to making the breed better and protecting our elite program.


Under the ZTP If all qualifications are not met, the pups WILL NOT BE REGISTERED. With the AKC, a breeder simply calls or e-mails the number of pups born and who the parents are. Then you must hope that the dogs who were paired don't have weak dogs in there genetics. You also have no confirmation that the Rottweilers who were bred were either free from genetic diseases that will affect the pups or whether either the sire or the dam remotely resembled the breed standard for the Rottweiler. We have done our best to produce and protected our  genetic line.


While the AKC attempts to regulate the breed, the ADRK ensures it. As a result, the more weak  dogs are allowed to breed our “American” generation of Rottweilers are tainted. They are produced  further from  the dogs typical  true German heritage. The strong head with a broad skull and short muzzle elongates and narrows, weakening the bite strength that the Rottweiler is famous for. The rich, well defined markings become muddy or faded. The compact solid bone structure and massive muscular frame are replaced with a leggy and weedy frame until finally this is what we are left with below.


    Weaker American Bloodline                                                                      German Serbian Euro Bloodline















The difference unfortunately is very clear. Look at the structure in head size, muscle tone, and  overall appearance of breed conformation.... Most importantly whats not seen is the calm, confident, outstanding dog that is produced. They are not bred to be aggressive and indiscriminate, or worse a skiddish fear biter. The Euro/German dogs are  bred when they meet the strict FCI standard. The AKC is very good but breeders are not regulated. Anyone with a weak gene pool can  breed and register their dogs. The result is now our beloved American dog most of the time looks more like a what I would call a coon hound,a blue heeler or a mixed rottweiler/ doberman. Not what you would expect from a Rottweiler or a good breeding program. But Iron Heart is here to bring the American dog back..


 Iron Heart  Rottweilers,

In our breeding  program we only German and  European Imports from very strong imported bloodlines that produce the type of dogs that are worthy of the ADRK rating. And every dog that we do import, we have seriously critiqued the pedigree before we contemplated adding them to our breeding program. That is why we are confident enough in our dogs  to offer a 2 year health guarantee and guarantee the temperament as well. Our dogs will improve any breeding program and make us proud in the show ring. They will also do what they do best patrol and guard  your family with and incredible self sacrificing spirit. We are proud of Iron heart for upholding the standard here in America!!! We are sure that you will love our Rottweilers.

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