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Shipping & Transportation

We ship from 2 major airports in New York and 1 local. The 3 airports are only 15 to 40 minutes away from our facility, So this reduces stress on the Dogs. All live animals are shipped AIR LINES ONLY. We do not ship USPS this  method is illegal so please don't ask.

Shipping your live puppy and a suitable crate cage will cost about $500.00. This can be included in your price if we are shipping your puppy.


The major Airlines we use are


  • Continental Airlines




  • Delta Pet First





American Airlines





United Cargo at 800-UA-CARGO ( 800-822-2746 )



We ship throughout the US and some International. Friends we do not accept C.O.D'S sorry. Our dogs are packed in standard special shipping crate with special water containers to keep them safe & alive just in case there is a delay in the flight times. If you can find better pricing and safe travel legitimately, forward all paperwork and Air way documentation after you have purchased and arranged it. All shipping information must be provided 96 hours prior to shipment. The safety of our puppies is our main concern.


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