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         Things you need to

know about your Rottweiler

                                         The Rottweiler

Is a truly awesome, intelligent, powerful, and imposing dog breed. They will instill  hesitancy and reluctance in any unwanted  guest. your companion will also gain your family s love, respect & continuted admiration

The Rottweiler is one of the most recognizable breeds around with its large head, solid muscular body. He is intelligent,strong and loyal. The rottweiler can weight up to 130 pounds most of it raw muscle. It was bred for generations to use his protective instincts and judgement to react when family or territory is threatened. It is one tough customer.. They are well behaved gentle family/friend lovers that will always look to please the one they love. They are gentle giants but will certainly protect you with their last breath. We love rottweilers and we hope you enjoy our dogs..


Breed Characteristics


Adaptability 4 stars               Dog Friendly 2 star                  Shedding Level 3 stars              Affection Level 4 stars Exercise Needs 3 stars         Social Needs 5 stars                 Apartment Friendly 3 stars       Grooming 3 stars

Stranger Friendly 1 stars       Barking Tendencies 3 stars        Health Issues 3 stars                 Territorial 5 stars

Cat Friendly 3 stars               Intelligence 4 stars                   Train-ability 4 stars                   Child Friendly 4 stars

Playfulness 3 stars                Watchdog Ability 5 stars           Affection Needs 3 stars            Protection 5 stars 

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